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A Musical Journey

The second major work from Indigenous singer Jessie Lloyd following the success of her first work Mission Songs Project, Ailan Songs Project is an island reggae exploration of historical songs from the Torres Strait. Historically a popular trade route connecting the Pacific and Indian oceans, these ‘ailan’ songs reveal the history of the Torres Straits and adventures during the pearl diving and seafaring days.

 A collaborative work from Australian Indigenous singer Jessie lloyd, Ailan songs project is a contemporarised exploration of popular historical songs from the Torres Strait between Australia and Papua New Guinea in the coral sea. Bringing together ancient languages and historical events with tropical island reggae grooves.

Jessie lloyd has researched and collaborated with senior Torres strait songwomen to compile an album of ‘ailan’ songs (island songs), well-known folk songs sung by families and communities in their various languages and dialects. The songs also tell of how islanders migrated to mainland Australia throughout the 20th century and their contribution to Australian society.

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